The Under-rated Deli Board

Deli board: Decksteppers, Polzeath, Cornwall
It’s time to pay homage to the mother of throw it together meals – the deli board. I don’t know why this isn’t more of a thing. To start with there’s the convenience - eating off a chopping board is ideal for student living (think washing up) and yet the gorgeous colours and fresh ingredients could easily trick you into thinking you are dining at a posh hotel. I eat this all year round, for lunch or dinner, and it’s so easy to recreate. I only wish there were more traditional deli's in the UK!

#1 innocent

This week a lecturer asked me ‘If you were a brand what would you be?’
Believe it or not, this was one of the more ordinary seminar tasks of my week – a week that has involved making a model larynx out of paper, discussions about the identity of a child soldier, and a comparison of the neural pathways of humans and macaques! I thought that this would be a good starting question for my first blog entry as it would tell you a bit about me (but not too much!) as well as allowing me to try out my first basic review.
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