I would like to formally clarify that all of the opinions expressed on this blog are completely my own. The images used are primarily taken by me, and if not they will be sourced in the text. When I occasionally retrieve a photo from other social media or web pages it is not always clear where it is from. If for whatever reason I have missed a reference then get in touch with me by email hmgay95@gmail.com and I will respond quickly with an edit to the post. I would appreciate if my content was treated with the same respect - I would probably be happy for you to use my work, provided you drop me a message first. 

I pride my blog on its integrity. I only recommend products that I believe to be good quality, and for the most part they have been tried and tested vigorously. I do so out of genuine excitement to share a product with the reader. I am currently in the process of gaining work experience as a PR intern, which allows me to test new fashion and sport samples, however I am under no obligation to promote any of the agency clients. I have not as yet been approached by any PR agencies, but am open to future opportunities. Granted this is a little pre-emptive, but its an exciting possibility for consideration.


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