Keep Fit With Me For Free

Me after the Park Run and a Full English, Lancaster Hockey 3rd Team, Running kit minus some Nike trainers :(
I wanted to do a KFWM post because I know as a student its hard to stay motivated, and for me staying toned is really important. I am switching to boot-camp mode for the next month and a bit in preparation for Roses (a varsity match between Lancaster and York Universities), as I will be competing with the Hockey 3rd Team. I have just been voted the Club Exec member for Health which is super exciting - another good reason to up my game this Easter. As far as diet goes, I certainly wont be laying off the chocolate eggs - are you mad? But hopefully this extra effort will mean I won't need to be rolled onto the pitch in a couple of weeks time...

On Cutting My Hair Off... And Keeping My Head On

Today I took the giant leap of chopping off my hair. I felt the timing was just right - marking a new phase in my life. But this post isn't about my new hair do - it's about taking action. I have found that when you are unhappy in your life there are two ways of dealing with it:

1. Change the situation 
2. Change your attitude

For me I have massively changed my situation - gone solo, headed down to Brighton for a change of scenery, a change of work, and now a change of hair! Although many things around me are changing, one thing I want to keep the same is my mindset, and I want to share with you some things I have learned about leading a happy life:

British Beaches - What Are They Good For?

Thank God I am finally living by the sea again. It has a way of making me feel grounded, and somehow I always get into the swing of a good routine when its in my reach. Most people seem to lust after hot tropic waves and gold sand beaches but Britain's beaches are often overlooked. If you need a glimpse of the sea but can't wait until your summer holiday - try looking a little closer to home. A road trip to Cornwall is always time well spent as they have every character of beach under the sun. Although its definitely true that the secret beaches are the best, here's a short guide to some of the less secret English beaches that I've visited:

The 'Less is More' Mantra

Trakke Rucksack in Timorous Beasties Print (image taken from their website)
In a world of materialism, consumption and useless tat, is it any wonder that Generation Y are looking for a new way of living? It's refreshing to think that many young people are rejecting the 'throw-away' lifestyle, and are now looking to engage with the real-world instead. These people have come full circle and are seeing the value of experience over money - and that suits me fine. I think it's safe to say that everyone experiences a feeling of 'what exactly do I need this for?' or 'so what does it matter whether I have the branded option?' at some point in their life. One of the problems I am having with regular blogging is that I don't often buy into the rapid turn-over of fashion, but prefer the long-term quality finds. If you save up and buy right the first time you have a lifetime companion. At almost 20 years of age I am starting to invest in things that really matter and should last me forever. This got me thinking if I had to live with just a handful of things then what would they be?

Goggle Lust

The Cairn Rage Goggles 49.90 Euros
As it's nearing Easter, I thought I would dedicate a post to my favourite goggles of the moment! This is a particularly good day for a ski themed post, as its snowing here in Lancaster. I am totally green eyed with envy towards anyone out on the pistes right now. But no matter where you are its always time to appreciate some cool ski gear. If you are someone who skis in shades - its only because you haven't experienced these game changers. Here are 3 to make you go googly-eyed:

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