Accepting Some Home Truths About Social Media

Ceci n'est pas une pipe (an image from
I'm starting today's post with a little reference to 'Treachery of Images' - a painting by the Belgian surrealist painter Magritte. His painting is of one of those old school pipes, not dissimilar from the one above. Underneath is written 'this is not a pipe' as, state the obvious, it is in fact just a painting of a pipe... Groundbreaking. This may seem pretty random, especially in relation to social media but the point I am trying to make is that (1) not everything should be taken at face value and (2) there are a number of different ways to look at things. This idea can and should be applied to social media as it is not always representative of real life. Just as the painting of a pipe is not really a pipe, a photo of life is not always what real life looks like. Phew... Deep!

Z LOVE: The Ultimate Summer Wishlist

Left to right: Accessorize Z Collection, Zara Reversible Metallic Shopper Bag, Zennor Bikini Cowrie Bottoms.
I was going to leave this post until later in the season but since it's a heatwave... may I introduce you to my gorgeous trio of summer desires! Being dark haired, pale skinned and head to toe covered in freckles hot weather is never going to be my ideal climate, but that won't stop me from lusting after beachwear. These are my favourite hot trends at the moment - coincidentally all beginning with Z! 

How To: A Work Away Birthday

Raspberry tart, The team beach adventure, Nick's chalk drawing
We all know that as you get older birthdays get less important - or so we are told. In my mind, presents or no presents, its the day to celebrate your life... even if it is by yourself. Career opportunities have taken me away from my comfortable routine, my friends, my family, and for the first time in my life I will be working on my birthday. But this is not a bad thing, particularly if you are happy with your life choices and are content to break tradition and make some nice experiences for yourself. This post is a bit about how I spent my day, but also it might give you some ideas for how to make the most of what is just any other day...

Inspirational Women: Channeling Easkey Britton

Finisterre store (a leading cold water surf brand: source Finisterre webpage), Easkey Britton (source Easkey Britton webpage), Display picture taken by me at the event in London.
In quiet reflection of yesterday's events, I am trying to get my head around how Easkey Britton can have achieved quite so much in such a short space of time - At 26 she's the big wave Irish surfing champ, has an Environmental PhD, and was nominated Oxfam Hero Ambassador. That's not to mention she is the founder of Waves of Freedom - an initiative that has introduced surfing to Iran with Iranian women amongst the first to take part in the action!

Graffiti Hotspots

Left: My own scribbles, Right: Brighton behind the Lanes
Having dragged my heels through half the galleries in London, I can safely say I have seen my fair share of art. Don't get me wrong, I love drawing and what's more I can appreciate other peoples work, but I have seen so much samey-samey, gawping, garish portraits and obscure pottery that I am moving on. The constrictions of Art A Level left me banging my head against a wall. One thing I love about street art is the uninhibited talent. Some of the most technical and fluid drawings I have seen have been smeared on the brickwork of a town house. But what's best about street art is that you have to 'discover' it - and I love an adventure.

April's Guilty Pleasures

Left: Main character Ross in BBC Drama 'Poldark' (source: The Guardian), Right: Marks and Spencer Belgian Truffles
Lent's over and I am definitely making up for lost time sinning. Not that I gave anything up in the first place, oops. My Easter in the new apartment is going to be spent alone and I am gutted that there isn't someone around to organize me a chocolate egg hunt. I don't know why we didn't arrange one for my uni house of 9 people with a million tiny hiding places in our crooked rooms. Nevertheless, once I have powered through my essay, I will be treating myself to some guilty pleasures...

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