Therapeutic Things

There’s a balance to be struck between ‘being’ and ‘doing’ – something I often seem to get wrong. Whether you lead an active lifestyle or whether you have a laid back personality, it’s sometimes nice to deliberately separate the two states of mind. When relaxation gets mixed up with work (damn, I wish I had the willpower to turn off my phone) it leads to unnecessary stress. I am prone to running myself into the ground before I realize I should have given myself a break. So this month I am teaching myself to be aware of when my body needs to recover. Here’s 3 things that have helped me de-stress:

The Vera WangLove Knots Candle On Base has proved a god-send on a cold winters evening. Firelight makes such a nice change from sitting in bed in front of a glaring laptop screen until late at night. This is such a sophisticated homeware piece – a gorgeous addition to my home, with the light reflecting beautifully off the silver-plated surfaces. Although the candle itself is nothing out of the ordinary, it’s nice not to be overwhelmed by a synthetic scent. Alternatively, and at much better value, is my Ted Shreds Surf Wax Candle – only £16 compared to a whopping £45! It transports me back to the sea and makes me think of summer 2013 every time I light it.

Oil and Lotion
I have been lucky to try a fair few Sanctuary products thanks to the generosity of my boyfriend’s mother! But today I want to talk about why the Skin Wisdom Day Spa Bath and Body Oil makes such great value competition (£4)! I use it to massage into my hands and feet to sooth my aching joints when I’ve had a particularly hectic day, a game of hockey, or a long ski - it immediately makes your skin feel soft and tingly! Although I would describe myself as a less-is-more kind of person, I’ve been going through this stuff at quite a rate because it sinks into your skin fairly quickly rather than leaving a greasy residue like other oils. Another one I have just tried is the Fair Trade Foot Lotion from LUSH and it’s really good. The minty lotion really stimulates circulation and the cute tubs make me feel like I am treating myself to an ice cream! I’ve seen online if you keep it in the fridge it gives you an extra cool kick on top of the menthol.

A Personal Reminder
Last but not least the Q Link. This one is more of a personal one for me. I know it’s meant to have some sort of health benefit but I can’t say I have noticed a particular difference when I wear it. Maybe I am just not down with the holistic stuff as much as I want to be. I just like it because my mum gave me her old one (pictured above) when she upgraded to a snazzy silver one - and when I wear it I feel like we are on the same vibes. Other than that I think it makes a cool accessory and it’s always a conversation starter.

Hope you enjoy these bits and be kind to yourself!
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