Goggle Lust

The Cairn Rage Goggles 49.90 Euros
As it's nearing Easter, I thought I would dedicate a post to my favourite goggles of the moment! This is a particularly good day for a ski themed post, as its snowing here in Lancaster. I am totally green eyed with envy towards anyone out on the pistes right now. But no matter where you are its always time to appreciate some cool ski gear. If you are someone who skis in shades - its only because you haven't experienced these game changers. Here are 3 to make you go googly-eyed:

Dragon Alliance
Dragon Alliance are my favourite high end goggle brand, leading the way with some pro frameless lenses. When I heard about frameless goggles, obviously I wanted to jump on the bandwagon - but there was a fundamental clash between my helmet and the new trend. They didn't suit my face shape either. So I am really tempted by the APXS ones with the new smaller frame size!

Melon Optics
Introducing my favourite up-and-coming eye-ware brand Melon Optics! One of my best friends swears by them and they come at a reasonable price as far as goggles go - good news! These have to be my favourite in terms of slope style, and you can make them your own through customization on their easy to use website. I think I'll be buying some of their sunglasses for the summer.

This year I settled on some green Cairn goggles - that's right I picked a French brand. Perfect balance of cool (mirrored) and feminine (small and shapely)!

With the end of the season rapidly approaching, hopefully I will find time for one last full-on winter themed post. Sit tight - I have plenty more ideas!

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