British Beaches - What Are They Good For?

Thank God I am finally living by the sea again. It has a way of making me feel grounded, and somehow I always get into the swing of a good routine when its in my reach. Most people seem to lust after hot tropic waves and gold sand beaches but Britain's beaches are often overlooked. If you need a glimpse of the sea but can't wait until your summer holiday - try looking a little closer to home. A road trip to Cornwall is always time well spent as they have every character of beach under the sun. Although its definitely true that the secret beaches are the best, here's a short guide to some of the less secret English beaches that I've visited:

Whitby (North Yorkshire) - Fish and chips, and OTT gothic dress up.
Lundy Bay (Cornwall) - Climbing through caves, and great views on the walk down to the bay.
Polzeath Beach (Cornwall) - Crowds of "emmets" in the height of summer but ideal for surfing and sunsets. Worth going earlier in the season or early September, weather permitting.
Brighton Beach and Promenade (East Sussex) - Taking long runs, looking at cute beach huts, getting naked on a naturist beach and... 'pleasure' in the form of rickety roller coasters and tacky arcades.
Salcombe (Devon) - General prettiness and sailing.
Morecambe (Lancashire) - Gale force wind and overpriced ice creams.

With all that in mind perhaps Bali is for me...

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