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Me after the Park Run and a Full English, Lancaster Hockey 3rd Team, Running kit minus some Nike trainers :(
I wanted to do a KFWM post because I know as a student its hard to stay motivated, and for me staying toned is really important. I am switching to boot-camp mode for the next month and a bit in preparation for Roses (a varsity match between Lancaster and York Universities), as I will be competing with the Hockey 3rd Team. I have just been voted the Club Exec member for Health which is super exciting - another good reason to up my game this Easter. As far as diet goes, I certainly wont be laying off the chocolate eggs - are you mad? But hopefully this extra effort will mean I won't need to be rolled onto the pitch in a couple of weeks time...

This is also a great time of year to start getting fit if you are after that summertime bikini body or want to make the most out of seasonal sports like surfing. Even if money is tight, or you are in a new city, there is no excuse not to do a bit of exercise now and again. Here's some inspiration of how you can stay fit for free:

1. Park Run
At 9am every Saturday thousands of people go to their local park to do a 5km group run (you can find the locations here). There are people of all ages and abilities so as a bit of an amateur I didn't feel out of place. Its a really fresh way to start the day and its a great vibe there, particularly when the weather is kind. The best thing about it is that it motivates you to do your best because the group pace is set. In comparison when I jog alone I sort of think 'yeah I've given it a fair go now - I'll just head back' after a mere 50 meters.

*My advice for runners would be to bounce off your toes and hold in your stomach muscles to avoid injury and get the most out of your run. Also, if you want a bum work out, try to find an area with a few uphill straights and do some short sprints. I use the app Strava to time and track my runs.

2. Sweaty Betty Classes
These are the greatest thing since bread came sliced. Free yoga, surrounded by gorgeous clothes. The class was really easy going - I have been to much harder classes before so this one's good for beginners. Despite finding it easy to contort into all sorts of childlike sitting positions I have to admit I can't touch my toes - I'm not even close. On the bright side my session was at 6.15pm which was perfect timing for when I finished work and was a great transition into evening relaxation time. Some of you will have picked up that I am currently staying in a bnb for a month (a career thing) and the cheap bed is absolutely crippling my back. Hopefully after my second Sweaty Betty Class on Thursday (Bilates - Ballet-Yoga hybrid) my body will be all straightened out! Just wish I had a foam roller to speed up the job! Click here to book a class.

3. Solo Exercises
If you are feeling lazy or don't have much time to spare you can improve your muscle strength without leaving your room. The personal trainer that my whole family use (grandparents included) told me that your ankles are the cause of most injuries so its important to strengthen them when you can. Try walking around your room for 30 seconds on your heels every day. Just drop me a message if you need some exercise ideas! 


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