The 'Less is More' Mantra

Trakke Rucksack in Timorous Beasties Print (image taken from their website)
In a world of materialism, consumption and useless tat, is it any wonder that Generation Y are looking for a new way of living? It's refreshing to think that many young people are rejecting the 'throw-away' lifestyle, and are now looking to engage with the real-world instead. These people have come full circle and are seeing the value of experience over money - and that suits me fine. I think it's safe to say that everyone experiences a feeling of 'what exactly do I need this for?' or 'so what does it matter whether I have the branded option?' at some point in their life. One of the problems I am having with regular blogging is that I don't often buy into the rapid turn-over of fashion, but prefer the long-term quality finds. If you save up and buy right the first time you have a lifetime companion. At almost 20 years of age I am starting to invest in things that really matter and should last me forever. This got me thinking if I had to live with just a handful of things then what would they be?

1. Guitar
2. Ski Kit
3. Digital Camera
4. Laptop
5. Sketch pad and pen
6. Beaten-up old make-up favourites

If you want to travel, it goes without saying that you need a good bag to carry around those few important possessions. Recently I have been eyeing-up Trakke's collection of ethical and durable bags made in Glasgow. I have many plans to travel including China this year and Australia the next and could do with one of these by my side. Whether you would rather travel light, like me, or want to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, one of these bags should fit the load.

I reckon these 6 picks pretty much sum me up, although it saddens me that so many of them are technology. But the point of the 'Less is More' mantra in this sense is not to ditch modern life and flee for the hills, but to live creatively and with care. Its got me thinking... How important is a camera if you are trying to live in the moment? How necessary is make-up? What happens when I run out of paper?


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