April's Guilty Pleasures

Left: Main character Ross in BBC Drama 'Poldark' (source: The Guardian), Right: Marks and Spencer Belgian Truffles
Lent's over and I am definitely making up for lost time sinning. Not that I gave anything up in the first place, oops. My Easter in the new apartment is going to be spent alone and I am gutted that there isn't someone around to organize me a chocolate egg hunt. I don't know why we didn't arrange one for my uni house of 9 people with a million tiny hiding places in our crooked rooms. Nevertheless, once I have powered through my essay, I will be treating myself to some guilty pleasures...

To start let me introduce you to my latest romance. I am a massive fan of BBC Dramas and after Peaky Blinders Series 2 finished I was left heartbroken. Now I have discovered Poldark which absolutely ticks all the boxes for me. Rugged-hot but moral main man. Check. Beautiful Cornish scenery. Check. My two favourite things... I watched the first four episodes in one evening and the next is on tonight at nine on channel one. My only worry is that the last episode ended on such a high note that something undoubtedly has to go wrong. I won't go into the plot line because I don't want to ruin it if you do start watching.

Second guilty pleasure: Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. Thoughts on the film... I like to think I am quite open minded and when I watched the film with friends I tried to keep an open mind, but quite frankly I thought it was kind of boring and border-line abusive. If Christian Grey was old, ugly and poor then it would be considered sadistic whether there was consent or not. But what really dragged out the film were the very not subtle innuendos which were just laughable. I have seen 12 rated films spicier than Fifty Shades. Anyway, when I found that some of the few songs I am liking in the charts right now are from the film I felt kind of guilty. But really Ellie Goulding has a great voice, and the music is much sexier than the film was. No doubt this evening I will be shuffling round my room swaying to 'Earned it' and trying out my new Balates stretches to it.

Finally this brings me to the main point of Easter. Cute animals and chocolate of course. Now I am living with 2 black cats I am sorted for the former. Although I am overloaded with Easter eggs I think my tastes must be changing because what I am really craving is the bitter chocolate truffles from M&S - ultimate spending stupidity. You know its a luxury when its in a gold box. I know I would swap all my eggs for just a few of these goodies, particularly now there has been this creme egg recipe change. Going for quality not quantity, somehow you only need to eat a couple of truffles to get your chocolate fix. It must be a miracle this Easter!



    1. I KNOW... I think we should do one when we get back anyway?


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