Inspirational Women: Channeling Easkey Britton

Finisterre store (a leading cold water surf brand: source Finisterre webpage), Easkey Britton (source Easkey Britton webpage), Display picture taken by me at the event in London.
In quiet reflection of yesterday's events, I am trying to get my head around how Easkey Britton can have achieved quite so much in such a short space of time - At 26 she's the big wave Irish surfing champ, has an Environmental PhD, and was nominated Oxfam Hero Ambassador. That's not to mention she is the founder of Waves of Freedom - an initiative that has introduced surfing to Iran with Iranian women amongst the first to take part in the action!

After attending her speech at Finisterre's laid-back cool flagship store in Covent Garden last night, I can certainly say she makes an impeccable role model for young women. It's easy to ditch Kim K for Easkey B - with nerves of steel she knows no boundaries, and she has more natural beauty in her little finger than a Kardashian does in her... assets! For Easkey, cultural and gender norms mean nothing when you are riding the waves of Mullaghmore in Ireland.

She has inspired me to do what I can to use my passions with purpose - a thought that can be applied to any way of living. Although she places a lot of emphasis on applying what you love to doing something purposeful, she also talks about wandering free, without purpose - but  being wise enough to differentiate the two.

What I liked most about her talk is that she was brimming with appreciation for life. Surfers are often considered selfish but she is all for 'cultivating grace and gratitude' (her words not mine). Seems like I have just met the real life Cinderella...

So rather than ogling over some fake-tanned hanger-on celebrity, this week I am going to keep in mind Easkeys Britton's desire to (1) bring adventure into every day life, and (2) to let no stereotype stand between me and my goals.

Who are you channeling this week?


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