Z LOVE: The Ultimate Summer Wishlist

Left to right: Accessorize Z Collection, Zara Reversible Metallic Shopper Bag, Zennor Bikini Cowrie Bottoms.
I was going to leave this post until later in the season but since it's a heatwave... may I introduce you to my gorgeous trio of summer desires! Being dark haired, pale skinned and head to toe covered in freckles hot weather is never going to be my ideal climate, but that won't stop me from lusting after beachwear. These are my favourite hot trends at the moment - coincidentally all beginning with Z! 

First off we have the Z Collection by Accessorize, designed by Zara Simon who I got to meet whilst interning at Monsoon HQ. These delicate pieces can be stacked or worn individually for a more subtle look. They come in gold and silver plated so their is no risk of getting green fingers the way you do with cheap jewellery in hot weather. I am not one for statement necklaces so these elegant chains are a welcome alternative to the trend. 

What a winner - my favorite shop Zara doing a metallic rose/gold reversible bag. This would make a fantastic beach bag in which to sling my towel, tangle teezer, book and some shades (maybe I will do a 'What's in my beach bag' post at some point). This bag is such a classic design and I am loving all things metallic for the coming months. Not bad for £29.99 either.

Finally we've got Zennor Bikini, modeled by a friend of mine (jealous of that bum much?!). The brand was inspired by a love for the Cornish Coast, hence the name of the pictured print 'Cowrie'. The bikini is reversible 4 ways so well worth the money. Just got to pluck up the courage to wear one because the cut is fairly skimpy - a real show stopper. It doesn't show in the above picture but the top half has a back that splits into three horizontal straps. What's even more exciting is I am pretty sure there's going to be a new Zennor collection out soon featuring a bikini called 'Coachella'... Check out their webpage or instagram.

I can't wait for the summer months now. What's on your summer wishlist?

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