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My attempt at Smoked Salmon with Griddled Lemon, Cucumber and Sourdough Croutons
Tonight I surprised my family with a Scandinavian surprise for dinner! A few weeks ago I saw the recipe in a tweet from The Pool (a new site that is full of great articles on everything from beauty to politics) and kept it in mind for a later date. Since finishing my exams on Friday I've been desperate to try it out in my free time.  Anyway, it went down so well that I thought I'd let you in on it! 

What immediately drew my attention to the dish was the sprinkling of delicate blue flowers makes it look so simple and fresh! With the addition of the flowers, what would normally be a home-style pasta meal ends up looking like something from a five star restaurant! So it turns out, finding these pretty flowers was half the fun. I was prepared to go on a proper mission looking for them but it only took a quick scout around my garden to find some of this 'Borage'. I love picking blackberries when the season's right so this foraging wasn't exactly alien. 

The radish was delicious - to anyone that doesn't like it or hasn't tried it, I would say that soaking it in sugar and vinegar made it taste really good. Not at all how I expected.

I replaced the trout for salmon, and added some tagliatelle to the dish. I would say I made these changes to encourage my brother to try it, but in all truthfulness I couldn't bare the lack of carbs! I would also recommend heating the salmon. In terms of timing, although it took me almost half an hour to cook it the first time, I am pretty sure I could cut out a few steps to quicken the pace!


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