Beach Beauty: Taking The Joy Out Of Travel

In a time when travelling for months on end is the norm, and water sports like SUP are a la mode, why is it that beauty regimes for beach and holiday are so exhaustive? We know too well that the images we aspire to are far from reality, but it's time the mags caught up and dropped some more down to earth edits. After all, there are many types of travel and most are not the 5 star kind. These expectations are no recent development - but far from reducing with globalization, beach beauty regimes have spiralled out of control. For me this realisation came in 2 steps: firstly when I saw a friend's post on facebook of her eyelash colouring gone wrong. The second wave came when I read an article from The Pool on the new fad 'vontouring' which both filled me with dread and had me in stitches. 

As some of you may know I am off to India in a matter of weeks, and am fortunate enough to get a few beach days (amongst the volunteering, teaching, sightseeing, and religious festival going - yay!). I'm super excited, and the trip will ease my withdrawal symptoms from my beloved Cornwall. But when it comes to beach beauty, I won't be embracing feathered eyelashes, statement headdresses, or Kendall Jenner's favourite draw-on tattoos. In fact, even a smoky eye is a no-go as I'll be the first to bomb into the sea! 

A season as a beach bum has given me clarity as to what I'll be packing in my beach bag: A tangle teezer and sunblock. Yes - beauty wise that's the end of the list. You get no kudos from the guys for managing to keep your head out of the water. For longer term prep I use a slow build fake tan because I am super pastey, and day-to-day I stick to my usual make-up and moisturiser because it's what I am most comfortable with. Finally, I use the dreaded face-wipes and dry shampoo for travelling - because if you've got enough time to cleanse, tone, and ex-foliate, you can't be having much of a good time. Plus at 50p per 4 minutes of showering you'll have to cut to the short list.

Hope you all have action packed, waxing-nightmare-free travels this summer!


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